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Data Breach

Readiness & Response

Our Data Breach Readiness and Response Services are designed to meet and deal with the heightened risk and increasing occurrences of data breaches in organisations across every industry.

Data Breach Readiness Assessment
These services comprise assessing the readiness of the organisation in protecting and dealing with the security of data within its possession or control. Both a legal and technical assessment will be carried out by our parent company, Rajah & Tann Singapore and our subsidiary company, Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity.

Data Breach Preparedness
These services are tailored towards preparing the organisation to effectively deal with situations where a data breach occurs. Our solutions would also assist in reducing the risk of a data breach occurring.

Data Breach Incident Response
When a data breach or cyber breach occurs within the organisation, a representative from our parent company, Rajah & Tann Singapore and our subsidiary company, Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity would be onsite within a pre-agreed time, to assist the organisation in handling the data breach, including containing the breach, ascertaining the cause, assessing the breach consequences, evaluating response and crisis management.



Cybersecurity is a key area of concern, and safeguarding clients’ trust and ensuring confidentiality of sensitive data is a vital task for many of our clients.

Our subsidiary company, Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity offers a broad suite of cybersecurity services, which includes multi-disciplinary data breach services and 24 hour emergency response teams, standing ready to assist our clients as may be required.

We assist clients in conducting:

  • Data Breach Prevention & Information Protection

  • Business Email Compromise / Phishing Protection 

  • Cyber Incident Response & Forensics 

  • Cyber Incident Simulation Exercise

  • Risks & Security Assessments



Our e-learning platform provides online and offline training, seminars and presentations on various areas of law.

Our clients can also participate in the live streaming of our legal workshops.


E-Discovery &

Digital Forensics

Through the application of the industry leading e-discovery tools, we are able to interpret and manage voluminous amounts of data in a logical and methodological manner to bring time and cost savings to our clients.

Working in tandem with our legaltech specialists and a comprehensive eDiscovery platform, we provide end-to-end eDiscovery support to assist clients in legal proceedings and government investigations.


Contract Management

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk.


Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance.

Simplify your contracting workflow with ContractArc our seamless contract automation and complete end-to-end contract lifecycle solution.



Global businesses are operating more efficiently due to technological enhancements and as lawyers, we need to work in tandem with our clients and remain ahead of the learning curve to keep our relevance.

Rajah & Tann is one of the first firms in the region to adopt industry leading AI technology to enhance its due diligence processes for M&A transactions and other document review activities.


We provide online contract management outsourcing services to help our clients reduce their cost of contract and vendor management.