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Rajah & Tann Technologies wins LegalTech award at SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that Rajah & Tann Technologies received the ‘Legal Tech – Legal’ Award at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2023! In collaboration with Rajah & Tann Singapore's Shipping & International Trade practice group, RTTech is driving technology adoption for large scale legal review in Singapore.

This is a testament to the innovation and synergies that can be achieved when technology and legal practice meet to tackle new challenges arising from the current digital era.

This recognition affirms our current position as a leading legal tech solutions provider and serves as motivation to continue raising the bar for our offerings in the legal sector.

We would like to thank every team member who made this feat possible, especially with the tremendous support from Nathanael Lin and Josephine Chee from Rajah & Tann Singapore's Shipping & International Trade practice group. Through digital solutions and legal tech expertise, Rajah & Tann Technologies strives to boost the capabilities of legal teams and legal counsel in Singapore.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Rajah & Tann Technologies!

Original article from Singapore Business Review

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