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Data privacy is a core responsibility of organisations to keep the data of customers, employees, and partners safe from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations and gain a competitive edge in business by enhancing customer trust and loyalty while enabling data-driven innovation with our privacy solutions.


Data Access Control

Stay in control of users who can view, access or use data in your systems and databases. With the use of multi-factor authorization and authentication technology, prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive or confidential data.

Privacy Enhancing Technology

Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) is a cutting-edge solution that lets you control your data without compromising its functionality or value. PET uses advanced techniques such as encryption, anonymization, and minimization to ensure that your data is secure, private, and useful.

Password Security, Audit and Compliance

Automate, simplify and streamline password management processes in one solution.

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