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Digital Risk Management

Innolex helps organisations manage risk by automating legal services, structuring and centralising legal data, and simplifying contract creation and management. We combine and integrate our other advisory and support services to cover a range of needs from cyber- and information governance, data preservation and investigation, through to managed staff education and awareness training.  

We target problem statements, ideate possibilities, and scope initiatives to simplify legal service workflows. Our overall aim is to help clients make better use of technology to mitigate legal risks by improving the consistency, quality and oversight of legal products and services. 

Our Services:

Our Services
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  • Digital Risk Management Services 
    We offer a unique legal perspective to manage risk through the digitalisation and automation of legal services, and the strategic application of modern-day fundamentals including cyber security, information systems governance, and continual staff education and awareness training. 
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  • Legal Service Digitalisation
    We offer legal information management and service digitalisation tools and advice from a legal operations perspective. Our legal service digitalisation offering helps in-house legal teams identify workflows needing improvement, workshop problems and ideas with stakeholders, and execute proofs of concept to drive and manage change. 
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  • Aware of Legal and Business Imperatives
    We understand risk, legal processes, statutory and business imperatives that drive legal operations. We understand that innovation must fit enterprise culture, priorities, systems landscape and security posture.   
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  • Operational Efficiencies 
    Using Expert Processing Automation tools to help with better workflows for lawyers and legal departments, we digitalise parts of the workstream that contain routine and repetitive tasks. This frees up time for value-added activities. 
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  • Contract Automation & Lifecycle Management Solution
    Our solutions target contract lifecycles to simplify and up-scale contracting processes, track agreement completion and conclusion, and extract analytics to deliver business cyclic intelligence.
  • Legal Knowledge and Information Management
    We support organisations in their knowledge management journey by reviewing the enterprise knowledge systems, and recommending optimal and sustainable solutions that can grow within their landscape. 

Our Team:

Michael Lees
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Ben Low
 [email protected]

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