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Legal Engineering & Innovation Labs

Innolex offers transformative tech-enabled legal solutions and services for businesses of the 21st century.

Innolex helps clients manage their resources of People, Products, Processes and Projects, through process engineering and technology solutions.

We seek to innovate legal processes for operations and legal services by transforming professional skillsets into new revenue deliverables and increasing the capacity for value creation work.

How we can help:

Our Services
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  • Process Engineering
    We help you understand the processes and technologies within your organisation, and identify opportunities to remove obstructions in workflow. Using concepts of Design Thinking, Systems Analysis and Change Management, we add value to processes.
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  • Tech-Enabled Roadmaps with Change Management
    We support you to unlock greater potentials in productivity, efficiency and data-driven decision making via a curated suite of technology tools and implementation strategies for new initiatives, technology implementations or strategic roadmaps.
Collborative Platforms.png
  • Collaborative Platforms
    We offer a leading global matter management platform for better project management and communication. By removing silos of information and skillsets, synergies are encouraged between entities, developing a repository for shared resources.
Operational Effiencies.png
  • Operational Efficiencies
    Using Expert Processing Automation tools to help with better workflows for lawyers and legal departments, we digitalise parts of the workstream that contain routine and repetitive tasks. This frees up time for value-added activities.
Contract Automation Solution.png
  • Contract Automation & Lifecycle Management Solution
    Our solution manages your contract lifecycles in your business and legal spaces and swiftly creates documents for negotiation and execution. It also aids in controlling your contracting process and tracking the vast numbers of agreements that are used by the various users and departments within your organisation.

Our Team:

Michael Lees
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Ben Low
 [email protected]

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