Our Solutions


LegalComet is an innovation-driven eDiscovery start up that dares to be at the forefront of change.


Our solution combines the world’s leading eDiscovery processing, analytics, artificial intelligence and review technologies coupled with our bespoke methodologies and know-how on eDiscovery in Asia; giving lawyers, investigators and corporate professionals the ability to accurately extract and review the right information with unprecedented speed and cost.


LegalComet’s team of leading consultants and technologists provides simply smarter eDiscovery solution in Asia.

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ContractArc is a bespoke contract management platform and an end to end contract lifecycle solution. Our platform is powered by ContractPodAi and comes fully configured with industry-leading features including a template repository, clause library and workflow configurator.

ContractArc manages the contractual process for thousands of documents with an automated contract assembly coupled with electronic signing with DocuSign and secure contract storage and access.

ContractArc enables clients to build their own process to review counter party terms, accurately assess contractual risks, manage approvals and generate automated risk reports – ensuring a consistent approach to their contract management.


Novusdemia is a forward-looking academy that is catered to your company's industry and needs.


Novusdemia's e-learning content is curated by leading subject matter experts with bespoke introductions, engaging video-based modules and mandatory tests to ensure effective learning.


Novusdemia has a simple and streamlined workflow to provide best of class e-learning experience for organisations of all sizes.


With compliance and reporting in mind, Novusdemia has extensive report generation features to monitor timelines for completion, generate reminders and audit trails.